Everlasting Elegance: Fabrics with Performance by Perennials

Everlasting Elegance: Fabrics with Performance by Perennials

Perennials by Timothy Corrigan introduces seven new fabric designs that take inspiration from Timothy’s projects around the globe.

Timothy likes a good glass of wine. But Timothy does not like stains. This is why he jumped at the chance to design for Perennials, where every fabric and rug is made with the finest performance fiber: Perennials solution-dyed acrylic. 

This means they are all: BLEACH-CLEANABLE STAIN-RESISTANT MILDEW-RESISTANT FADE-RESISTANT & UV-RESISTANT In other words, they will certainly stand up to red wine spills.

 Timothy, Ann and the Perennials design team spent months blending Old World elegance, California comfort and Perennials performance. Classic European motifs were transformed into fresh repeats that can take a beating from both sun rays and spills. Seven stunning new fabric designs and three sophisticated new rug patterns make a collection that’s so easy to live with it’s kind of hard to imagine living without it.