Victorian Flock Wallpaper at Historic Los Angeles Eatery

Victorian Flock Wallpaper at Historic Los Angeles Eatery

Cole's was founded in 1908 by Henry Cole on the ground floor of the Pacific Electric Building, which served as the main terminal for the Pacific Electric Railway.

Cole's unique table tops were made from the varnished doors of retired Red Cars of the Pacific Electric Railway. The tables were removed as part of the renovation and were reportedly relocated to the developer's nearby corporate headquarters above Clifton's Cafeteria. 


In 2007, 213 Hospitality purchased the establishment and Cole’s reopened in 2008 with great acclaim, receiving rave reviews in numerous publications such as LA Weekly by one of LA’s top critics Jonathan Gold and the ‘25 Best Bars in America’ by GQ Magazine.

Evoking the spirit of an early 20th century saloon, the welcoming 40-foot Red Car Bar boasts original glass lighting, penny tile floors, and historic photos, preserved in the restoration of the cherished landmark.

The Red Car Bar’s ample selection of premium spirits, drafts, and historic cocktails compliment the saloon’s classic French Dip sandwiches.

Cole’s also opened a second location at the Los Angeles International Airport in late 2013.

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