Meet the Beverly Hills  Wallpaper Designer Mr. Don Loper

Meet the Beverly Hills Wallpaper Designer Mr. Don Loper

It was 1942 and a popular dancer, fashion designer and interior decorator by the name of Don Loper designed the Mmbanana leaf wallpaper exclusively for the Beverly Hills Hotel. Some 60 plus years later this wallpaper is one of the world's most recognizable wallpapers ever created!

Loper was a true creative spirit.  An artist. Not bound by just one career, but by his life's experiences. In the 1930s and early 1940s Loper worked as a dancer and costume and set designer across the U.S. and in New York. In 1946 Loper teamed up 
with business partner Charles Northrup, opening his own couture salon on Sunset Boulevard. Loper in true Loper style designed and decorated the store himself.

Loper's classic banana leaf palm wallpaper design has fueled a revolution of design inspirations. From carpets to fabrics, to furniture, fashion accessories and shoes to inspiring many other talented wallpaper designers to create a new modern twist on his timeless classic.