Carlyle Digital Photography

Carlyle is a fresh and exciting new artist making his name in the world of art. This 28 year old Alabama native got his start in the world of creative interpretation at the tender age of ten. Whether it is one of his monochromatic interpretations on nature, or one of his buoyant pop art pieces, Jordan's work embodies a consistent expression of the joy he so evidently finds in the ability to take an image of the world as it is, simple and plain, and illuminate the unexpected beauty in each of those single images. Jordan 's bold and expansive imagination which he puts forth into each piece is inspired by his profound love for nature and architecture. After studying architecture and art at a private university in Los Angeles , Carlyle devised his own aesthetic, a signature look that he applies today, characterized by a raw glamour and a structural sleekness that is so consistent in his work. The intent behind each piece is based on the notion that the true environment of a given place can best be captured by combining multiple images into one. In regards to the process, Jordan says, “I basically start with a photograph that I have taken, and begin to visually pin point the different qualities that I find unique and beautiful within that photo. Then I deconstruct the image digitally, extracting each of those things I want to illuminate, and begin to manipulate the image, combining those selected elements with aspects of other images I have taken. Finally, I play with colors and intensities to evoke the moods and emotions to which I was aiming. The final image is complete. Each piece is one of a kind, and I am proud to personally sign my name on each of them.” After spending six years in Los Angles, this international artist now resides in New York, from where he continues to grow professionally. Most recently, Jordan has started producing artwork for Crate & Barrel/CB2, and his pieces will be featured and available in stores, catalogues and online throughout 2010. Additionally, Jordan is developing the "Jordan Carlyle Collection," a line of commercial and residential wallpaper based on his current artwork and design styles.