SKU: DWPA-756075


Pattern Description:

Introducing Trinket Fabric, a luxurious and versatile upholstery material that will elevate any interior space. Made in Turkey, this exquisite fabric boasts a captivating basketweave texture, adding depth and dimension to any furniture piece. Whether you're designing an office or a bathroom, Trinket Fabric in black from JF Fabrics is the perfect choice to create a sophisticated and charming ambiance.

With its faux leather and vinyl composition, Trinket Fabric not only exudes elegance but also offers durability and easy maintenance. Its high-quality construction ensures long-lasting performance, making it ideal for high-traffic areas. The intricate basketweave pattern adds a touch of visual interest, making this fabric a statement piece in any room.

As an interior designer or architect, you can now experience the beauty and quality of Trinket Fabric firsthand with Designer Wallcoverings' no charge memos to the trade. This exclusive offer allows you to explore the texture and color of Trinket Fabric in person, ensuring it perfectly complements your design vision. Don't miss the opportunity to incorporate this luxurious and captivating fabric into your next project.