Ono Island Banana Leaf Wallpaper

Pattern Description:

Sizable leaves seem to sway in the trade winds revealing the flowers on this banana palm. The tall plant speaks of the tropics and of sun kissed days on the lanai. Use this wallpaper, some with pearl accents, to bring that lovely feeling indoors year round, in your choice of five palettes such as white or black background with shades of green, brown, pink, and red. Bamboo Trellis (TRF-56800,TRF-56801, TRF-56839 - TRF-56842, TRF-56843) is an ideal complement. leaf, banana, botanical, tropical, jungle, large scale, overall, rain forest

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Ono Island Banana Leaf Wallpaper

SKU: TRF-56835

$5.00 USD

Sold Per Single Roll
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WIDTH : 27" x 13.5ft

UNIT OF MEASURE : Sold Per Single Roll

REPEAT : 25.25 in.; Drop

COLOR : white, grey green, light yellow/green to dark green, aqua, teal, red

PACKAGED : Shipped in Doubles

27" x 13.5ft