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Select Patterns from Iksel available at our Los Angeles Showroom. Purchasing Agency for Interior Designers, Architects, and Hotels. What you see here is the result of 25 years of full time artistic endeavor in a studio with large teams of painters. A few years ago, we calculated that it would take one painter close to a thousand years to paint all this. Add all the archive works and it is much more. But that is only the actual painting. What is most important is the editing and perfecting of the files which yield these prints. This is not done by computers but by artists on computers who make millions of split second aesthetic decisions in order to get the right result. That is why the New York Times gave us a two page editorial in 2006. We were the first company to transform hand painted material into a new art form: Digital Media, not in order to reproduce but to create new imagery in a convincingly hand painted quality. Prints are made to order and can be customized to fit any space or adapted in color to any desirable scheme. Decors or Decorative Panels can be made on paper, polyester or canvas. We also print on new materials like Arlon which is self adhesive and can be used with appropriate lamination or varnish to cover floors, furniture or any plane surface you might want to use it on. As for Repeat Designs, they can be printed on different types of Upholstery Textile and assorted and combined with prints for walls. In short, we can take care of Walls, Ceilings, Floors and Furniture. We can provide Curtains and Upholstery. We can cover kitchens and bathrooms with heavy duty durable waterproof materials printed in equally fine quality prints as the rest. The fine details of our work are a great surprise to anyone who orders our product. What one sees in this catalogue, when enlarged, is always infinitely more attractive than the scale of the page. Each and every image in this website has been scanned from an original hand painted work, perfected on a computer and made ready as a master copy in our database. Most of the work has been hand painted in gouache in our studio. The exceptions are antiques of which a large number of originals fell into our hands. But also works from major Museums which we were very fortunate to access. These have been labeled “Archive Collection”and in some cases have been painstakingly restored without forfeiting their patina. As you may have noticed by thumbing through a few pages, we are not interested in reproducing Fine Art. That is a field which we leave to museums, or, if we speak Modern or Contemporary, to those millions of artists whose business it is to express and promote themselves. We, on the contrary, over the last 25 years have pursued only one goal: to develop and make accessible in a new idiom the finest examples of the Decorative Arts from many periods and give them a contemporary rendition which allows them to be in the company of works by the masters we admire. Indeed many of our clients are among the great collectors whose walls are hung with works envied by museums. If they buy our prints, it is because they recognize the difference between Art and Decoration and the value of both in their lives. We hope this catalogue will prove our point and, to those who need no convincing, offer many new themes which have been perfected over the last few years. We are convinced that the Industrial Revolution introduced what Lewis Carroll called “Uglification“. The pre-industrial world is a Paradise Lost for which we yearn. Bringing it back into the home without its cobwebs and antiquated atmosphere is what we have hopefully achieved.

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