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Sensimille - Sueded Silver Mylar

SKU: SSM-67801-sample

Sold Per Yard

Color : Silver Pewter Gold Sueded Mylars

Width : 54"

Unit of Measure : Sold Per Yard

Lead Time : Usually in Stock


Pattern Description:

Commercial Mylar Wallpaper


Mylars are relatively easy to care for as far as washability. They should be washed with a mild dishwashing liquid and warm water; therefore, as soon as it is washed, it should be dried with a soft cloth. Mylars and foils show every imperfection in a wall surface; therefore, extreme care should be taken to prepare the walls. Sometimes a loner paper is required to smooth out rough places Extreme caution should also be used during the instillation, especially when cutting out for electrical outlets and switches, because the metallized film is a very efficient conductor of electricity.