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Dessin Fournir



Pattern Description:

Select Patterns from Dessin Fournir available at our Los Angeles Showroom. Purchasing Agency for Interior Designers, Architects, and Hotels. During the formative months of Dessin Fournir, we visited for hours about the furniture and products we wanted to create. We had a clear and consistent vision as to what this meant and more importantly, what it would mean to our design clients. Quality was of utmost importance, not only in terms of materials but also in terms of craftsmanship. Our vision for how furniture should be created involved starting with rough planks of the finest hardwoods. Veneers, when needed, had to be hand cut. Subtle details that represent the signature of skilled craftsmen and bench made furniture—like real wood drawers and cabinet backs, wooden glides, and dovetail joints—would be incorporated. Finishes had to be hand mixed for each individual piece and hand applied. They had to be rich, luxurious, and have clarity like one would expect to find on a beautifully cared-for antique. They also needed to be available in a variety of elegant tones and custom options that reflect the real beauty of the underlying hardwoods. Quality also meant giving designers maximum professional flexibility, by allowing them to customize any design and tailor their finishes to meet specific project requirements. Upholstery also needed to be of unparalleled quality. We wanted to include hand sewn detailing one would expect to only see on a finely tailored suit or couture gown—handmade, self-welting options, the finest natural materials such as jute webbing, cotton batting, muslin, and white goose down for cushions. And, once again, we wanted to offer designers the choice to customize upholstery designs. Through the use of time-honored methods and techniques developed by craftsmen in Dessin Fournir’s own workshops, beautifully sculpted furniture evolved. Aesthetically, we wanted our clients to consider Dessin Fournir a design resource as opposed to a specific design look. Through the years, we expanded to include not only bespoke furniture, but also lighting, textiles, wall coverings, drapery hardware, leather, trims, and accessories. Each company was carefully selected; we wanted to create pieces inspired by only the best from a variety of chosen periods and styles of design. Last but not least, it was paramount that the designs reflect an understated elegance consistent with the demands of today’s design environment. This approach was a more difficult business model to develop, but we felt passionate about following it then, and stand by the same model today. Dessin Fournir has remained steadfast in maintaining and building upon our initially established standards. Despite the pressures of time constraints and the various other demands of a rapidly evolving and moving economy, Dessin Fournir continues to hold dear all those details we were passionate about in the very beginning, because in the end, those details really do make all the difference in the world.