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maria Flora



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Select Patterns from maria Flora available at our Los Angeles Showroom. Purchasing Agency for Interior Designers, Architects, and Hotels. The creation of MARIA FLORA stems from the strong creative and professional skills of Filippo Uecher and, above all, from his deep attachment to the culture of his territory and to his native city, Biella, with its suggestive medieval historical village. Biella: picturesque piedmont city, rich in culture of progress and ancient traditions, whose imaginary are part old postcards of mountain huts and others of textile factories, now restored. The realization of a fabric is a creative act in which one transmits what one has around and within oneself. about In MARIAFLORA the family tradition is conserved and the passion for the furnishing fabric is cultivated through collections dedicated to elegant houses on the outside as well as on the inside and in which the look into the future and the continuous training path of the designer Filippo Uecher alongside his desire to achieve a taste outside of time, as evidenced by the brand's own name, he dedicated his grandmothers Flora and Maria to them. MARIAFLORA collections are sophisticated and live, suitable to give elegant details to outdoor settings that want to look beautiful and bind to the magnificence of nature, whether in the context of a hotel, a mountain leisure home or a charming residence located on sweets hilly slopes. The pleasantness to the touch, the refinement of the colors and the beauty of the designs are the essential elements of what MARIAFLORA offers you: a wonderful dress for those who want to experience beauty in their own home. The characteristics of MARIAFLORA Fire Retardant, as well as the tests to which the product is subjected and the certifications obtained, guarantee a product that, with the refinement and unmistakable style of the brand, meets the need for safety for use in public places , to dress with class and security exclusive locations such as luxury hotels and restaurants.