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Select Patterns from Nancy Corzine Fabrics at PDC available at our Los Angeles Showroom. Purchasing Agency for Interior Designers, Architects, and Hotels. Nancy Corzine is considered one of the most significant additions to the interior design industry. Her passion for design and her appreciation for the finer aspects of life have been with her since childhood. Today, Nancy Corzine is one of America’s leading design talents. Her keen understanding of modern living, coupled with talent for creating classic and elegant designs have made the Nancy Corzine name synonymous with glamour, elegance and style. Nancy’s commitment to excellence has enabled her to not only design beautiful products, but also manufacture and ensure their outstanding quality. She designs and manufactures couture furniture comprised of classics of every era, the antiques of tomorrow. There are currently 3 NANCY CORZINE showrooms throughout the United States in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Additionally, Nancy Corzine is represented in 13 of the most prominent showrooms in the United States. As well as having a major presence in the United States, Nancy Corzine has an offshore design presence in Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, Russia and New Zealand. In November 2013, the first Nancy Corzine franchise showroom will open in Jakarta, Indonesia. Nancy considers herself to be somewhat of a dinosaur in that she owns her own factories and everything is made in-house, in North America. She still has her first employee, and most of her employees have been with her for over twenty years. However, one only needs to glance through her first book, Nancy Corzine Glamour at Home, to understand that while she may be old school in her values she is visionary in all she creates. For the last fifteen years Nancy has worked tirelessly for Alzheimer’s. For the past nine years she has served as the Board President of the Lauder Family public charity, ADDF (The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation). Previously she served on the Steering Committee of the Alzheimer’s Association Rita Hayworth Gala. After thirty years in her field, Nancy was honored with a degree from the Interior Design Institute in Orange County, California, where she gave the commencement address and started a scholarship for deserving future designers. Although she is entirely self-taught, without any formal education, she was awarded this honor in recognition of her innate talent and outstanding contribution to her profession. Nancy’s talents are not limited to the design field, additionally she has an acute sense of business and has been the president and CEO of her company since it’s inception in 1983. In 2006, Nancy was, “The Leading Women Entrepreneurs of the World” Honoree. Nancy is also dedicated to animal rescue and welfare, and whether working through an organization or independently, she has changed the lives of countless unfortunate animals. Through hard work and determination Nancy has been able to achieve success. Her philosophy of always moving forward, taking each day as a new experience and never dwelling on the negative but trying to make “a new positive ” is her way of life. The iconic allure of the Nancy Corzine brand is ever strong, which is one of the many reasons she will continue to leave her indelible mark on the design industry.