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Paul Montgomery



Pattern Description:

Select Patterns from Paul Montgomery available at our Los Angeles Showroom. Purchasing Agency for Interior Designers, Architects, and Hotels. Paul Montgomery has been an artist his entire life, and has proven to be versatile and engaging in a broad range of mediums, styles and genres. Early paintings were copies of beloved old masters and the European schools. Still life studies and landscape painting were his favorite themes, and helped found his abilities at detail and realism. Chinoiserie was an inspiration after a visit to the Freer Gallery in Washington in his late teen years. This sparked a life-long love of the unique perspective of the sensitive interpretation of nature as seen in Asian paintings and screens. Murals on canvas and painted on site were included in interior design projects worldwide for many years. The company now offers an ever expanding, exclusive range of designs, themes and colors in both Chinoiserie style and classical scenics of exotic locales around the world. The murals are all designed by talented artists in Virginia to meet custom requirements or as standard designs, then produced by staff artists. The company’s Panoramic Collections of scenics are hand painted in a style imitative of French woodblock printed paper of the 18th Century. These detailed and involved murals are lovely voyages through places of natural beauty, heritage and culture.