Anthology Wallpaper and Fabrics

Anthology FabricsIf you crave contemporary spaces, sleek finishes, moody metropolitan

colours and uncompromising innovation, we’ve already got something in common.

AnthologyWe are Anthology and we’re fuelled by a passion for design that embraces technology and constantly challenges convention. Our mission is to help you create stunning interiors that reflect your unique vibe.


Anthology WallpaperAnthologyThe dictionary defines Anthology as ‘a collection of artistic works that have a similar form or subject, often considered to be the best’.


Anthology began in spring 2014 as an innovative new addition to the market. Originally presented as a compendium of innovative wallcoverings, Anthology’s creative finishes, subtle textures and sophisticated complexity soon caught the eye of interior designers and hotel groups worldwide.


In 2016, we introduced a collection of contract-quality fabrics to continue Anthology’s edgy urban theme. Tactile velvets, glossy wide-width sheers introduce a new kind of cool to contemporary spaces, both domestic and commercial.