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BN Walls, part of BN International, consists of the Business Units Wall and Cover (making bookbinding materials for agendas and Bibles). It is an internationally operating company with various branches: BN Czech Republic (Czech Republic), Voca (Netherlands), Tektura (United Kingdom) and Filpassion (France). Within 'Wall', BN International both serves the consumer market as the professional market. The capital investor is VEPartners. BN International is a company with ambitions: in addition to improving its position in existing markets, BN International also focuses on new markets.

Since 1926

BN International has existed since 1926. Despite our forward-looking view, history also plays an important role in the company. As part of this, the ‘B’ in our name stands for ‘Balatum’, the company’s first name. In the previous century, BN specialised in the production of vinyl flooring up until the 1990s. The company subsequently switched to producing wall coverings. BN International also produces cover materials for diaries, Bibles, Korans and other items.



BN Walls has its own studio with a team of designers. These are professionals who combine knowledge of the production process with a strong imagination and a healthy dose of courage. As a result, they are able to create their own designs, to let walls communicate their own personality, and to add their personal signature to reality. BN Walls is always looking to work with other parties in the field of design, to constantly challenge these other parties, and ourselves, to transcend boundaries.

Designed and Made in Holland


Everything begins with craftsmanship. That is also one of the pillars of our business. We are specialists in various areas such as gravure, embossing, and screen printing techniques. In addition, this workmanship allows us to endlessly combine many different qualities and techniques, and we develop many processes ourselves. Last but not least, our workmanship is a guarantee of quality. We are in a league of our own in terms of how we judge the quality of products.



BN Walls is a company with its own character, its own vision and courage. We are curious, quirky and results-oriented. We challenge ourselves every day to transcend creative boundaries and to come up with solutions nobody else has thought of. No challenge is too great for us and no wall is too small, from a skyscraper to a terraced house. A combination that makes us unique.

BN Walls dares to solve


Brainstorming with clients and partners is second nature to us. We are willing to do this, very willing. Whether it be producing a special colour, creating a unique design, or producing the perfect quality, we happily take on the challenge. Preferably with you, as intensive cooperation often generates the most wonderful solutions. The door to our atelier is always wide open to you.

BN Walls helps you


The BN Walls atelier holds an important place in our company. Here, we bundle the power of R&D, design and production. It is the nursery for our new products, the beating heart of our innovativeness, the place where boundaries are broken and our design and creation specialisms develop further.

Van Gogh Wallpaper17140


For us a wall is not just a wall – it is a canvas filled with opportunities. The possibility to create the perfect atmosphere, to add our own twist to reality, to create something that has never been made before, or to let each wall express its own personality. That is a voyage of discovery. Time and again. A trip we happily take, together with our partners, and it always begins with the same task: Imagine what your wall can be.

Imagine what your wall can be



Despite being a company with a rich past, we embrace the future. We never stand still, always in motion and proactive. In search of new opportunities. This is also a voyage of discovery that we embark on, both creative and professional. Challenge us!BN Wallpaper