Carlucci di chivasso

Carlucci di Chivasso
With TREASURES OF TIME, CARLUCCI has created a distinctive collection that unconventionally unites the impressions, materials and aesthetics of significant decades, cultures and trends, weaving them together to create a contemporary concept for the 21st century.
In this unique cosmos precious artefacts and iconic mid-century elements encounter the technical finesse of the Bauhaus era. Mysterious woodland scenery, reminiscent of Pompeian frescos, meets surreal faux fur with a luxurious feel. Patinated surfaces with an oxidised effect are complemented by dazzling materials distinguished by their alchemistic iridescence. Extrovert velvet, with a design that seems to originate in a contemporary art gallery, finds its perfect counterpart in delicate wool that appears hand-woven. Cool, elegant fabrics in a metallic look exude a hint of futurism.Carlucci de Chivasso
The focus is firmly on the unusual and the precious. Hand-painted designs are brought to life on elegant linen-viscose and deep, mystical velvet. Glowing silk, cool linen and plush wool create a sensuous experience. Mysterious hues, such as Vibrant Jade or rich Maidenhair Fern, conjure up distant worlds and are accompanied by warm Golden Ginkgo and delicate Musk Mallow.
Immerse yourself in this breathtaking fusion, in which the past meets the future and creates space for the unique.