Edelman Leather

Edelman LeatherEdelman Leather
Edelman Leather:  THE brand of luxury leathers for interiors,
serving the high-end residential, contract, hospitality,
aviation and marine markets.
We are leather, leather is in our DNA.  Beginning in the 1950s, Teddy and Arthur Edelman
created works of art from exotic skins, taking over and building the family business.  
In 1964,with their friend Andy Warhol doing graphic design, the Edelman’s became the award-winning,
leading leather source for the fashion industry.  In 1981, they launched Edelman Leather, focused
on high-end upholstery.  Teddy & Arthur unlocked leather’s possibilities by blending time-honored
craft tradition with a bold artistic vision.
Edelman Leather
With Knoll purchasing the company in 2008, that vision drives us still.  Woven within our
brand are 3rd and 4th generation tanneries, top-tier artisans, deeply skilled technicians
and leather professionals, whose collective knowledge ensures the highest caliber leather
for each application.  Edelman Leather
Their shared narrative runs throughout Edelman’s work, focusing
all energy on bringing out leather’s essential quality and beauty, treasuring the
imperfections of a natural product. 
Edelman Leather
The spirit of Edelman is one of devotion, craftsmanship, and service: Devotion to quality,
artisanal craftsmanship preserved and handed down for generations, and conscientious
service to meet the needs and inspirations of the global design community.
Edelman Leather
More than a business, Edelman is a lifestyle company.  Our products touch every aspect
of our clients’ lives.  From their homes and offices to the restaurants they eat in, the
hotels they stay in, their private planes and yachts.  We understand quality, luxury,
choice, service.  At Edelman, we never settle.
Edelman Leather
We are in the business of art.  Our art is leather.  Crafting pure luxury. 
Intelligent luxury.  From hide selection all the way through to the finishing touches. 
It’s all in the details.  Good leather is produced using hands, eyes, and a sensitivity 
or beautiful material.  At Edelman, color and creativity rules. 
Edelman Leather
Hides sourced, only from Europe, big hides, exceptional hides, finished naturally. 
Quality leather doesn’t wear out; it wears in.  Edelman Leather is an investment
in the future - an instant heirloom. 
At Edelman, we believe LUXURY is the freedom to create what you desire.  Attention to detail, custom coloring and hand finishes set Edelman apart. That special look – your look – is what Edelman brings to interiors.  The Edelman core collections provide the industry with an unparalleled breadth of styles, textures and colors – and our unsurpassed custom capabilities, all of which are GREENGUARD indoor air quality certified®.  In addition, Edelman leather EDGE stain release offers an exclusive finish against stains and marks without changing the natural beauty of leather. 
Edelman LeatherOur product is not the end of story, but the beginning. Developing and maintaining connected relationships with our clients is the foundation of our business, as we hold ourselves to an ethos of approachability and thoughtful guidance in each conversation.  We design for designers always.  We applaud them and their natural talent to breathe inspiration into the spaces we live, work and explore.