Groves Brothers

Groves Brothers

Groves Bros. Fabrics is the USA's premier manufacturer of traditional Venetian-style fabrics. We are pleased to present the complete range of hand-printed textiles to the design trade.


Groves BrothersTwo brothers, Joe and Matt Groves, together with their father, Joseph Groves Sr., founded Groves Bros. Fabrics in 1989 in Fort Worth. Their initial collection was a mere seven patterns shown in five colorways. Dan Addison purchased the company 15 years ago and has worked with Garry Murry and Bryan Hiett to control the quality of the product and to increase customer satisfaction. The company now produces 42 patterns in 175 standard colorways, bringing the total to over 7,000 items.

 Groves Brothers

The Groves Bros. collection is based on the age-old methods of printing fabrics employed by the Venetians. Most of the patterns are faithful reproductions of documented patterns from the Renaissance period. There are no machines used in the process; rather, each yard is printed and colored by hand, resulting in truly unique quality and exceptional value.


The artisans who produce the fabric work directly with the company's management, and have been with the company for over fifteen years on average. Each of these skilled craftspeople has extensive knowledge of textile printing and painting techniques and possesses a keen sense of color.


Groves BrothersEach piece is created by hand, usually at the time an order is placed. The fabrics are made-to-order. Due to the nature of the process, no two pieces are identical.

 “The variability is one of the most wonderful aspects of our fabric,” Dan says. “Each piece is truly a work of art ~ a painting, if you will ~ impossible to duplicate perfectly from order to order. Designers love the double-sided effect of our fabric, which can be utilized on the face or the reverse. In the past few years, we have introduced many transitional prints that work in many different decors. Many of our larger patterns pair perfectly with smaller prints and stripes.”

“Even with 175 standard color variations available in each of our patterns, we still find that a large percentage of our orders are custom colored. Clients often send us samples of other fabrics being used, paint chips, rug yarns, or anything else that represents the desired color. Custom coloring is an easy way to make an order from Groves Bros. Fabrics even more exclusive to a discriminating client.”

These sumptuous fabrics are made of the finest cotton, silk, or linen, providing superb wearability, color-fastness, dimension, and weight. All the fabrics are suitable for use as upholstery, drapery, wall covering, and bedding