JuJu Papers

Ju Ju PapersJuju is a wallpaper studio located in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Founded by Avery Thatcher in 2010, we have taken great care to develop a line of wallpapers that are beautifully crafted, and that have as light of an impact on our natural environment as possible. Every roll is printed by hand, is untrimmed, and in most cases has been made to order. We print with water based inks on creamy, durable, sustainably harvested paper. Primarily inspired by mark making, folk art, and the passage of time, our designs suggest the simplicity of an elegant old-fashioned signature, or the impossibly perfect collection of driftwood and sea glass on the shore.

Most people have objects in their home that they associate with a sort of uncommon power - the coffee mug that you love to reach for every morning, the wool sweater that you can't seem to get rid of even though you long ago lost the privilege of wearing in public, the toddler's beloved blanket, treasured family heirlooms. They are touched with a bit of our own personal magic. This is the sentiment that we intend to bring to the home with our spirited prints. 

Juju Papers bring a fresh, not over-wrought or over-thought, gesture to the room. Juju Papers express sanguine richness - a kind of richness that is defined by good company, conversation, laughter, and love.