Robert Crowder and Company

Robert CrowderFounded in the late 1940’s Robert Crowder and Company is a fully integrated design and manufacturing firm specializing in the Hospitality Industry. Our company is an abundantly staffed design firm capable of designing from the ground up which provides clients with a truly one of a kind wallcovering. The majority of production includes some form of hand processed techniques including silk screening.
Our firm has extensive experience working with independent designers as well as large scale design, decorating, and architectural firms. Our portfolio of projects includes modest residential plans all the way up to large budget hotel projects.
Although the Firm prides itself on providing a fully custom design and production service, Robert Crowder and Company has an extensive product line, which includes collections of wallcovering design and textures that span nearly 50 years. The collection ranges from traditional classic to contemporary and everything in between. The designs showcased on this website are only a snippet of our full product line which includes literally thousands of designs. We strive towards bringing out new designs to the market daily. Our current collection ranges from hand done textures and silk screened designs to multi- colored murals and scenics.

Like designing a dream home… Wallcoverings are meant to be designed from scratch to create a perfect match with the style, space, & environment of the commissioned area.

When we take on a new endeavor, whether it be a small breakfast nook or a whole Casino ground level we encourage our clients to strive towards purchasing a one of a kind item made specifically for the space that they are decorating.

With our resources, skills, and experience we are able to work with our clients in creating a wholly customized product.

The process begins with deciding on design, we typically set up a preliminary interview with the client and go over the type of style and design that the project requires. We can design from the ground up for our clients or offer up a design from our extensive library and provide the option of adding, removing, or changing elements of the design to fit the client’s needs.

The next step in the process involves the scale of the design. We usually require anything from rough dimensional drawings of the space all the way up to full blueprints. We then take these drawings and input and edit them using design editing software and create several different proofs with different design scales. Once our client decides on a scale we then procede onto printing the actual product.

The final step is color. We can match from several of the color standard swatchbooks as well as to fabrics and other materials. Once the colors are selected we then print a strike-off of the product and if any other changes are warranted we then go through the process again. Fortunately with the advent of technology we are able to make changes in color, design, and scale quickly. We at Robert Crowder, can take on the function of purely interpreting exactly what the client needs but also have the ability with our staff’s experience in the fields of design, decorating, graphic design, and architecture to fully carry out all responsibilities of a design project from start to finish.

Digital Production Department

About 90% of our wallcovering projects are done through either a hand done technique or silk screening method or a combination of both. We recently expanded our firm to include a fully integrated color managed digital production department. This new department has given our design team the ability to turn around samples quicker.

With the use of large format scanners and digital printers, the digital production team is able to take in line drawn designs, scan them, and prepare acetate films for screen printing. Before the advent of scanning this whole process would take several days to weeks and each modification would extend that lead time substantially.

This technology has allowed our designs to focus more on designing by eliminating much of the manual work previously required. Today we look at a turnaround anywhere from half a day to a couple of days. The digital production department also includes 5 large format printers that are available for full production. This end of the department was created to complement our hand done silk screened designs. There are certain techniques and effects that hand done print methods cannot achieve and likewise digital production has its limitations also. For instance our digital printers cannot emulate the physical textures created by some of our hand done techniques nor can it print metallics or whites as of yet. To resolve this issue we created a hybrid method of printing which involves creating a hand done background and printing digitally on top of it. To provide design and production capabilities.