Addiction by Paola Navone

SKU: PNO-06-1

3 Panel Mural Set

Addiction by Paola Navone

WIDTH : W 57.5" x 129.9" Mural 3 panels L - (51.9 SqFt) -

UNIT OF MEASURE : 3 Panel Mural Set


PACKAGED : W 57.5" x 129.9" Mural 3 panels L - (51.9 SqFt) -


Pattern Description:

ADDICTION BY PAOLA NAVONE - - Paola Navone uses the color blue constantly, be it for dinnerware or tiles, sofas or sconces. Her collection “Obsession” is an ode to the hue. As for pattern, her logo, and a symbol she uses frequently, is the fish, which seems only logical since Pisces is her astrological sign. Naturally, it is included in her collection. “I decided to put my fish on a large scale,” she says. “It’s three meters high. I love things to be big! Big is beautiful. Most wallpaper is usually done as a repeat. My fish is one-off in the middle of a wall.”PNO-06 can be combined with the standing Geisha PNO-07