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Calamityware Mugs: Things Could Be Worse - 4 Pack 12 Oz Mugs

SKU: Calamityware Mugs: Things Could Be Worse Blue


Pattern Description:

No matter how bad your day is going, these beautiful porcelain mugs graciously remind you things could be much worse. You could also be chased by UFOs, pestered by pirates, or plagued by giant frogs.

Classic 12-ounce (355 mL) size is sold individually or in a discounted set of four. Large 20-ounce (590 mL) mugs are sold in pairs only. Both sizes are adorned with the same multi-calamity drawing by Don Moyer. When we say 12-ounce or 20-ounce, we mean to the tippy-top. These mugs are made and decorated by the award-winning Kristoff Porcelain workshop in Poland using the traditional in-glaze technique. That means the image is slightly melted into the surface like the fine porcelain you see in museums. The mugs are food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe so you can use them every day to remind you of all the problems you don’t have. Designed by Don Moyer and initially launched as a Kickstarter project in 2015. 

These porcelain mugs feature Don’s drawing of a traditional blue-willow paradise discombobulated by more than a dozen calamities, perils, and pests. You’ll find...
• Sasquatch
• giant frog
• pirates
• cephalopod
• devil blob
• voracious sea monster
• UFOs
• aggressive pterodactyls 
• rambunctious robots
• zombie poodle
and other suspicious animals and shrubs.

Porcelain is both delicate and durable. 

 Highlights of the classic TCBW mugs:
• Identical design
• 12 ounces (355 mL), to the tippy top
• 4” high, 3-1/2” diameter
• Porcelain
• Food safe
• Microwave safe
• Dishwasher safe

 Highlights of the big, jumbo, giant TCBW mugs:
• Identical design
• 20 ounces (590 mL), to the tippy top
• 4.75” high, 4” diameter
• Porcelain
• Food safe
• Microwave safe
• Dishwasher safe