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Colony at Scalamandee



Pattern Description:

Select Patterns from Colony at Scalamandee available at our Los Angeles Showroom. Purchasing Agency for Interior Designers, Architects, and Hotels. Colony was established in 1976 as an interior design company. The company was immediately successful thanks to its original style and its attention to and research in colours and materials. Since 1980 the company has created and developed fabric designs for home furnishings. Always highly refined and elegant, these patterns are inspired by French, Venetian, Piedmontese and oriental interior styles. Today, Colony is found in the most beautiful homes in the world. It specializes in lampas, velvets, brocades and silk fabrics. The Colony Wallpaper Collection Vol. II is inspired from its Oriental and Art Déco historical design archives and existing fabrics, while combining great modern materials. These unique combinations of old and new provide to this collection a range of tactile effects inherent to the original patterns while also making these designs easy to use in present day. The high quality required, the need to have a close collaboration with suppliers and the business philosophy of believing “Made in Italy” signifies that even in 2018, Colony still produces all of its fabrics and wallpapers in Italy, where art, design and quality are revered.