Et Cie Wall Panels

Et Cie Virginia Bay Set Complete 20 Panel Set

SKU: PANEL-19940-sample

Sold Per Panel Set

Width : 720 inches wide (36 inches wide per panel)

Length : 84 inches tall

Unit of Measure : Sold Per Panel Set

Packaged : Varies - Please Inquire

Lead Time : Made-to-order, 2 week lead time


Pattern Description:

The Virginia Bay mural shows landscapes, locales, and historic architecture from the Homestead, Monticello, Montpelier, Mount Vernon, to the iconic Williamsburg, ending in the Chesapeake. Our panoramic murals are printed on high-quality Wallpaper. This mural is designed for viewing above a chair rail. Printed on durable wallpaper.

• Each panel measures 36" wide by 84" tall. Design height: 72".
• The mural's 20 panels cover 60 linear feet before the scene repeats.

Also Available in Sepia and Blue: