DW Bespoke Studio

Multi Color Dot

SKU: DIG-60071-sample

Sold Per Roll (2' x 12')

Color : Black

Type : Wallcoverings, Wallpapers, Walls

Length : Varies

Unit of Measure : Sold Per (2' x 12')

Repeat : 30 sq ft

Category : Home & Garden > Decor > Wallpaper

Lead Time : Up to 1-2 Weeks to Produce your Custom Wallpaper

Packaged : * If pattern repeat allows - pattern will be printed side/side up to 52" in width on 54" untrimmed rolls *


Pattern Description:

Introducing DW Bespoke Studio's latest offering, the 1970's-inspired Charlie Pattern Design Lab reproduction wallpaper. This exclusive design showcases a mesmerizing array of silver dots and circles, creating a captivating visual experience for any space. Crafted with utmost precision, the silver mylar foil material adds a reflective quality to the walls, infusing the room with a touch of glamour and sophistication. With the option to customize the wallpaper to your exact specifications, DW Bespoke Studio ensures that every project is a unique masterpiece, tailored to the client's vision.

DW Bespoke Studio's custom capabilities extend beyond just wallpaper. The Silver Foil collection also offers the option to create custom fabrics, allowing architects to seamlessly integrate their design aesthetic throughout the entire space. Available in Type 2 Vinyl or printed on eco-friendly paper, these wallpapers are not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious. Each design is copyrighted, ensuring that your project remains exclusive and one-of-a-kind. With DW Bespoke Studio's commitment to quality and customization, architects can confidently transform any space into a work of art.

Elevate your interior design with DW Bespoke Studio's Walls on Demand collection, featuring the captivating Multi Color Dot wallpaper. This unique design combines the timeless charm of silver mylar foil with an array of vibrant colors, creating a dynamic and playful atmosphere. The reflective walls add depth and dimension to any space, making it a perfect choice for architects looking to make a bold statement. With the ability to customize the wallpaper to your exact specifications, DW Bespoke Studio offers architects the freedom to create truly personalized spaces. Whether printed on paper or Type 2 Vinyl, these wallpapers are crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring a flawless finish every time.