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The Feminine Form Wallcoverings - Beauty & Strength Depicted

The Feminine Form Wallcoverings - Beauty & Strength Depicted

The feminine form has long been used as a focal point in art and culture. Seen as both incredibly beautiful and mysterious- women across time have been both subject and object. Women are astounding for a plethora of reasons, but the duality of beauty and strength is one the reasons the female form makes such incredible art. Below are patterns inspired by the female body: in...

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Winter Wonderland Wallcoverings

Winter Wonderland Wallcoverings

The winter season is the time of year that represents the end and the rebirth of life. The nights get longer and the days feel fleeting as the cold weather consumes us. Some parts of the world see no sunlight for days at a time and the darkness can feel never ending, but as they say- "it's always darkest just before the dawn"  Bring that feeling of renewed...

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