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How Wallpaper Can Affect Your Mood

How Wallpaper Can Affect Your Mood

How Wallpaper Can Affect Your Mood

The influence of your surroundings on how you think and feel can be subtle but powerful. Wallpaper gives you unlimited freedom in the creation of a space's mood. Of course, the first question you have to ask yourself is what kind of mood you want to set. The mood of a den will be different than that of a master bedroom. A wallpaper’s color, pattern, and texture and how they relate to the fixtures and furniture can help you create the perfect mood for any space.  

The Power of Color

Color has some interesting effects on mood and behavior. For example, red motivates and enhances the ability to take on detail-oriented tasks. The task it’s best known for enhancing? Eating. Red is the color of hunger. It stimulates the heart rate and energizes the body. That's why it’s often found in restaurants and not bedrooms. However, if you want to enhance creativity or calm a racing mind, blues take the top pick. Stay on that calming vibe and you can also add green and cool neutrals to the mix.  

A light and airy bedroom can become a retreat with natural pastel tones of blue and green. Add an air purifier and you may feel like you’re sleeping in the outdoors. Neutrals let you use color in other places without fighting for attention. If you want to build weight and formality, go with rich, dark colors. The color acts as the base for the rest of the wallpaper’s features so choose wisely. 

A Pattern for Your Soul

Color is your first step. Pattern is the second. You have to think about both design and scale. Busy patterns with small details can be overwhelming in a big space. However, in a small intimate bedroom or bathroom, they add depth and interest. Large scale patterns easily become the focal point, which could be exactly what you need in a spacious bedroom or dining area. If the pattern is large enough, it goes from wallpaper to artwork, making even more of a statement.

Then, of course, there’s the pattern itself. Floral, stripes, geometric, or organic—the pattern options are nearly endless. However, it should support your design scheme whether it’s industrial, shabby chic, or a mix of traditional elements. If your fixtures are decidedly country cottage, dive into the welcoming country feel of florals. If eclectic is more your style, opt for an unusual pattern with a bright background. When you know the mood you’d like to create, it helps you narrow down your options. 

Textures of Life

Finally, there’s texture. Texture adds depth and life to a room. The texture will play with light as it hits the wall, absorbing it and creating tiny shadows or reflecting it and brightening the room. An organic pattern with a rough texture could bring a natural grittiness while a smooth toile adds sleek sophistication. 

However, you also have to consider the purpose of the room. A wall that may have tiny hands running across it all day is easier to clean if the surface is smooth. Bathrooms and kitchens are other areas where texture could get in the way of maintenance. And there’s not a lot that can turn a good mood sour than dingy walls. 


Wallpaper has the power to completely change or magnify the purpose and mood of any room. It can tie design elements together or become a standalone feature. If you’re ready to change up a room with a single design element, there’s a wallpaper out there waiting for you.