East Meets West: The Timeless Elegance of Chinoiserie Murals

East Meets West: The Timeless Elegance of Chinoiserie Murals

Chinese silk wall-coverings are one of the earliest global luxury products.  Originally the exclusive domain of Ming Dynasty Chinese nobility, by the 18th Century the papers  had also been widely adopted by the English and French nobility as the high-water mark of interior design.  


Chinoiserie wallpapers that depicted flowers, birds, and butterflies subsequently became the rage of the day with the affluent 18th and 19th century European commercial class and became a standard of elegant living during this period.

Hand painted chinoiserie on gold flecked pieced paper.

Large flowers below, and trees with small blossoms above.  Regal pheasants parade about the scene.

A chinoiserie designed around the theme of asian pottery.  Below the elegant flowering trees are a variety of pots, bowls, and jars rendered in the Chinese style.  

If you are looking for an “open” chinoiserie design that is refined without being overcomplicated, this simple floral design is the right choice.

A favorite of designers and connoisseurs alike, this design has brought beauty and joy to many of our private clients.  Available with or without birdcages. 

We are delighted to offer this exotic design theme in our hand painted wallpapers and to offer both classical and modern interpretations that will enhance any interior.  Our artists use the same hand painting techniques and the same types of silk papers, metal leaf, and hand pieced Tea Papers to create these fabulous murals.  There are almost no limits to the possibilities of color and design inherent in Chinoiserie wallpapers, and we invite you to browse our collection for inspiration to beautify your unique interior.