Capiz Shell + Mother of Pearl

Mother of pearl and capiz shell wallcovering is a luxurious and ethereal choice that transforms interior spaces with its iridescent beauty. Crafted from the inner layer of mollusk shells, mother of pearl infuses a space with a pearlescent sheen, creating a luminous and opulent effect. The addition of capiz shells, known for their translucent quality, enhances the wallcovering's visual allure. The shells are meticulously arranged and handcrafted to form intricate patterns, ranging from geometric designs to organic motifs. This wallcovering is prized for its ability to capture and reflect light, casting a subtle and ever-changing shimmer across surfaces. With a neutral color palette and a range of natural tones, mother of pearl and capiz shell wallcoverings bring a touch of coastal elegance and timeless sophistication to interiors, making them a statement choice for those seeking a blend of luxury and natural beauty in their living spaces.