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Uber Hotel

SKU: DIG-25227-sample

Sold Per Roll (2' x 12')

Color : Aqua Blue Hotel

Type : Wallcoverings, Wallpapers, Walls

Width : 24 In.

Length : Varies

Unit of Measure : Sold Per (2' x 12')

Packaged : * If pattern repeat allows - pattern will be printed side/side up to 52" in width on 54" untrimmed rolls *

Category : Home & Garden > Decor > Wallpaper

Lead Time : Up to 1-2 Weeks to Produce your Custom Wallpaper


Pattern Description:

DW Bespoke Studios offers architects the opportunity to create truly unique and personalized spaces with their custom wallpaper. Available in both Type 2 Vinyl and printed on paper, these wallpapers are the perfect canvas to showcase your creativity. With exclusive designs and copyright protection, you can be assured that your vision will remain one-of-a-kind. Additionally, DW Bespoke Studios prioritizes sustainability by using eco-friendly paper, ensuring that your custom wallpaper is not only visually stunning but also environmentally conscious.

For architects looking to make a bold statement, DW Bespoke Studios also offers custom fabric options. Whether you're designing a luxurious hotel room or a contemporary office space, these fabrics can be tailored to your exact specifications. With a wide range of patterns and textures to choose from, you can create a truly immersive experience for your clients. The attention to detail and commitment to customization at DW Bespoke Studios ensures that your design vision will be brought to life in the most exquisite and unique way possible.

One standout product from DW Bespoke Studios is the Uber Hotel Room wallpaper, featuring photo walls of the outside. This close-up pattern allows architects to seamlessly blend the interior and exterior, creating a harmonious and immersive environment. The high-quality printing and attention to detail ensure that every element of the photo walls is captured with stunning clarity. With the ability to customize this wallpaper to fit any space, architects can create a truly unforgettable experience for hotel guests, making their stay truly exceptional.