GRACIESince 1898, the Gracie family has offered the finest range of handpainted scenics, antiques, and lacquer.

During the 1930's, a friend of Mr. Gracie's, a textile trader, returned from a visit to China with a roll of exquisite hand painted wallpaper that he had discovered in Beijing. Mr. Gracie was immediately enthusiastic.GRACIE STUDIOS Gracie was the first firm to import handpainted wallpapers since their original creation by Chinese artisans in the 1700’s.GRACIE STUDIOS A relationship was established with that studio which continued until the Chinese revolution in 1949. The same family has managed Gracie’s studio in China for fifty years.
Jennifer and Michael Gracie are fourth-generation leaders of their family business. GRACIE STUDIOS
They continue to grow the business through new showrooms and design partnerships, development of new designs and techniques, and a dynamic social media and digital entertainment strategy.