Houles Paris

.Houles Trim Paris.

Creators and designers of trimmings, decorative fabrics
and hardware collections, all exclusive, high-end and
sold to professionals all over the world,
Houlès also sells upholstery supplies and accessories.
Houles Trim Paris
Founded in 1928, Félix and his son André Houlès established the parent company, 18 rue Saint-Nicolas, in the heart of Paris, in the Faubourg Saint-Antoine area, the traditional district for upholsterers, interior designers and architects.
In the Thirties, Suzanne and Pierre Houlès will turn this French family business into a company with  international allure, and eventually transfer it to their children.  Houles Trim ParisToday, the company is managed with great passion and enthusiasm by its president Philippe Houlès, who became enveloped in the world of decoration at an early age. 
Originally, wholesalers of upholstery supplies, Houlès has since developed its business to specialize in creating trimmings collections, and is now well-known as a worldwide leader.
Houles Trim Paris
Our clients are decoration stores, upholsterers, architects, interior designers and design offices, working on high-end residential projects (private homes and town houses), as well as contract projects (restaurants, luxury hotels) and public projects (museums, theaters, etc.). Houlès creations are often selected for the decoration of palaces and castles like le Château de Versailles, or Presidential Residences in France and abroad.
Houles Trim Paris
The company also participates in many restoration works of prestigious historical monuments like the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.
Over the years, thanks to its high-quality designs and service, Houlès has gained worldwide appeal. 
Houles Trim 
Houlès participates to great international events like PARIS DECO OFF,
Houles Trim ParisAlways new high-end creations, expressions with historical
accuracy,openness to current trends in decoration...and a strong
presence worldwide...the Houlès story continues, with passion
and ambition, for the past 85 years.