Mr. Perswall

Mr Perwall

Mr Perswall was established in the early 2000s and is today a member of the Wall Vision Group of companies, which has more than a century of experience of wallpaper manufacturing. The idea of making your own wallpaper evolved in the old Eco factory in Småland when some young people with inquiring minds decided that there MUST be a way of printing small series of wallpaper.

Said and done! A few months later, a digital printer was leased that had been used for printing bank notes. We then proceeded to convert it into a wallpaper machine of a kind never seen before.


A thrilling time filled with blood, sweat & tears

We worked fervently with the paper manufacturers to ensure that the printing medium (the paper) would be top grade and with the machine builders to be able to print from roll to roll instead of from sheet to sheet which the digital printer was really designed for. The experts had no advice to give so we were obliged to find our own answers to our questions and solutions to our problems.

When we eventually got production up and running it was time, at last, to make collections that used all the potential that digital printing placed at our disposal! And there were no difficulties getting the best designers on board. Creating large-scale designs after having worked with small repeat patterns was a dream come true for many artists.

We discovered that there were no rights nor wrongs. We stopped looking at trends and found new patterns wherever we looked. We found interesting designs in all sorts of places - from amateur photography websites to private holiday snaps. We contacted photographers and illustrators, as well as watercolour and oil painters. We're still finding inspiration today from friends, acquaintances and over a coffee at work.

A confident choice

Our wallpapers are what are called easy-up wallpapers, which means that they are incredibly simple to hang. And they withstand just about anything.

After you've pasted the wall and hung your wallpapers in place, they last for years - whether they're on walls bathed in sunlight or continually having to contend with small artists' fingerprints.

Moreover, our wallpapers are fire-resistance rated and you can count on a superior level of service and fast turnaround on orders.

Design exchange

Did you know that designers like Paul Smith, Vivienne Westwood, Tricia Guild and Hanna Werning have had a hand in Mr Perswall?

Always nearby

Wherever you live in the world. But being a Swedish company, we are largest in Sweden, of course. Still, Mr Perswall is available in your wallpaperstore and you'll find our collection books at more than 600 of the country's leading paint and wallpaper retailers.

You can look at the wallpapers and find lots of inspiration at your store. Take the opportunity to ask the staff for tips and ideas. We can guarantee they are well-informed on the subject and will give you individual advice if you wish.