Fentucci Fabric

Fentucci Faux Suede

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Pattern Description:

Distinctive and unique Fentucci Suede possesses the luxurious hand of fine kid suede and the soft surface feel of Nubuk leather, offering exceptional performance, comfort, durability and an elegant appearance. This specially engineered product is both lightweight and inherently strong and is an ideal material for upholstery seating, wallcovering and panel applications. To produce Fentucci Suede, super fine nylon microfibers, one thousand times finer than silk, are intricately formed into a triaxial matrix that simulates the natural structure of leather. This microfiber matrix formation results in a soft and pliant material that is stronger than leather on a strength to weight ratio. The multidirectional surface fibers give the product its distinguishing tracking effect. Billions of micropores within the BeverlyHills Suede matrix transmit air and moisture vapor, allowing for complete breathability. FentucciS Suede feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter