Foxy Wallpaper

Pattern Description:

An uncommon pattern, in tricolored inks, this wallpaper features four inch diamond shapes enclosing a circle, and within the circle is an ellipse. The result looks somewhat like contemporary tiles. It comes in six lively color combos; teal and tangerine with white, or grey and white with buttercup, among them. Mix and match with Staccato (HS2063 – HS2067) or Waterfall (HS2135 – HS2142).

Phillipe Romano Prints

Foxy Wallpaper

SKU: RYE-55253

$5.00 USD

cream, turquoise, light taupe
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WIDTH : 20.5

UNIT OF MEASURE : cream, turquoise, light taupe

PACKAGED : Prepasted - Washable - Strippable