Natures Palette - Recycled Paint - Sprouted Grain

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Introducing Natures Palette - Recycled Paint by The Color Whisperer and Color Theorist - Jeanette ChasworthThe Leading Resoource for Luxury High Quality Luxury Surfacing Materials. Just one gallon of paint can contaminate thousands of gallons of water.Nature’s Palette re-purposes thousands of gallons of paint each year, keeping harmful toxins out of our oceans, streams, and landfills. Nature’s Palette is made from paint that has been properly recycled from local accredited waste disposal centers. It is then carefully screened and formulated into a durable latex paint that is perfect for interior and exterior use.

Natural Paint

Natures Palette - Recycled Paint - Sprouted Grain

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Natures Palette samples are made with ACTUAL paint to ensure that the color on the chip matches the color on your wall.

Sprouted Grain

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