Phillipe Romano Exclusive

Phillipe Romano

SKU: PRW-920731

Sold Per Yard

Width : 36"

Repeat : 6 yards

Lead Time : Usually in Stock

Composition: Cellulose/Metallic Foil, Non-Woven Backing

Use: 7 oz

Minimum : 6 yards

Weight : 7 oz


Pattern Description:

Beautifully dyed cellulose yarns, hand-placed and pressed onto a metallic foil, are the lines that form the chevron pattern. While time consuming, laying each yarn individually creates natural irregularity on the wallcovering’s surface and in glimmers of light reflected from the metallic foil underneath. Assembled in a traditional chevron with 6-inch wide bands, this novel technique creates sweeping vertical movement that appears seamless on the wall. A specialty wallcovering, Reed offers a refined palette of subtle colors for sophisticated spaces.