Scalamandre LEAPING CHEETAH WALLPAPER - Cloud Nine Blue Grey

SKU: SWP-17502 - Cheetah--Blue Grey


Pattern Description:

Leaping Cheetah is a signature pattern featuring cheetahs frolicking against a backdrop of saturated color. This made-to-order, wide-width wallcovering is digitally printed on a non-woven substrate for easy installation and cleaning. Leaping Cheetah offers graphic appeal in both residential and commercial spaces, from a children’s room to a townhouse foyer to a contemporary restaurant. This memorable design comes in bold, fashion-inspired colorways. If interested in Leaping Cheetah fabric, please contact your local sales representative for a custom order inquiry.

The Scalamandre Zebra design became an iconic motif within the industry and far beyond since its first incarnation in 1945. Truly timeless and equally chic, Zebras lives on as a fan favorite in countless homes and stores across the world, and even in award-winning films.

With such a strong legacy, topping a design like Zebras would be close to impossible. Our Senior Design Director’s goal when creating the Leaping Cheetah design was to give the iconic Zebras a friend to roam with for future generations.

Using a similar layout as Zebras, Leaping Cheetah features graphic silhouettes of playfully pouncing cheetahs set against fields of rich, clean color. This bold, playful pattern was drawn from images of cheetahs in the wild and developed in fashion-inspired colors. Zebras will forever lead the proverbial pack, but Leaping Cheetah is a truly invigorating and feline addition.