Whimsical Wallpaper by Designer Wallcoverings Europe - MInd the Gap

Pattern Description:

AN ECLECTIC BRAND THAT DESIGNS AND MANUFACTURES PREMIUM HOME ACCESSORIES. We are proud of our individualities and we always try to think outside the box. We are hooked on expressing our artistic freedom and show you unseen and undiscovered things. Our products are rich in details with high quality finishing and we want people to create a lifestyle by using them. Here in Transylvania, we design, produce and supply everything being inspired by the world culture. Our collection shows different styles, unique designs with a strong artistic identity and we love to reuse iconic creations of the mankind. We play with old photography, and antique illustrations, vintage drawings and contemporary patterns, trying to create fabulous decorative goods. We invite you to discover our world full of intriguing combinations, creativity and free spirit.

Mind the Gap by DW

Tropical Life Mint

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