Unikko 23353X by Marimekko

Pattern Description:


One of Marimekko’s most beloved patterns sees daylight when Maija Isola paints her radiant Unikko (poppy), even though Armi was against the design of floral patterns in Marimekko. Maija also creates other perennial favourites like Kaivo (well) and Seireeni (siren) that same year. Designing iconic patterns seems to be second nature to Maija. Prior to Unikko, she had already designed classics like Kivet (stones), Lokki (seagull) and Joonas (Jonah). Maija designs more than 500 textile patterns in her 38 years with Marimekko.

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Unikko 23353X by Marimekko

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Unikko 23353X by Marimekko

WIDTH : 27.5"

REPEAT : 19.7 - Straight

PACKAGED : Double Rolls Only